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- a community of professional crypto brokers!

Trinity - this is a community of independent and professional crypto-brokers - players on exchanges crypto-currency.

Simplicity and availability is the basis of the system. The introduction of funds and revenue generation Trinity is carried out using the platform Telegram.org. Thanks to this, the program can work on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet).

Telegram is a free messenger for any device (smartphone, tablet, PC). It allows you to exchange messages and files of different formats instantly. In addition, the service provides absolute confidentiality, not only of transactions, but also of all user data. Particularly ease of use of the program is achieved through the full synchronization of data and interactive robot assistant.

Many people know that crypto currencies have high volatility. Therefore inexperienced traders often lose their investments here. But for a professional trader, the Crypto currency market is unlimited opportunities for profit! And in Trinity-automatic system of trust management, it can be received CONSTANTLY!

The daily income of traders Trinity from operations on crypto-exchanges is from 4% to 6%. 3.33% of this income we are ready to share with you - our investors.

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How is work carried out in Trinity?

The work is carried out through a personal user account in highly secure messenger Telegram.org


What income can be generated by investing in Trinity?

Many people know that crypto-currency has high volatility. Therefore inexperienced traders often lose their investment here. But for the professional trader crypto-currency market is unlimited potential for making high profits! Every day, our traders earn on crypto exchanges from 4% to 6%! And we are happy to share 3.33% of those profits with you – Trinity investors!


Who can become an investor in Trinity?

Any our member can become Trinity investor and receive 3.33% on a daily basis. Forever. Indefinitely. Always.


Payment of profits

Part of profit generated from trading in cryptocurrency, in the amount of 3.33% is distributed among all the investors in proportion to their contributions. The remaining profit is shared between the developers of the system, as well as spent on Trinity promotion and development. In addition, an important part of money goes to formation of the insurance fund in the event of force majeure.

Partner program:

  • 9.33% — of the deposited amount of each referral level 1
  • 3.33% — of the deposited amount of each referral level 2
  • 2.33% — of the deposited amount of each referral level 3
  • 1.33% — of the deposited amount of each referral level 4
  • 0.33% — of the deposited amount of each referral level 5

FAQ Trinity

What is Trinity?

Trinity is an innovative system of investor’s fund management by the professional traders. Key difference of Trinity from any other investment management is that the system counts and pays a profit to investor automatically in proportion to his/her contribution. Errors and delays due to the human factor are excluded. Payments are made on a daily basis without time restrictions: always, indefinitely, and forever. In addition, the system is based on highly secure platform telegram.org. The safety of your data and transactions will always be at reliable protection.

For what purpose was Trinity created?

A key challenge that we set for ourselves is to analyse crypto-currency volatility and perform trading. Every day we pay money to our investors by operating with the income generated and assets of the investors. Trinity is the most reliable tool to earn passively due to combination of the modern and high-tech means of personal data protection and security.

What devices are supported by the system?

Trinity is a cross-platform and cross-browser system. It works in every browser and on any device, including PCs, Tablet PC, smartphones on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, etc.

What do you need to do to become Trinity investor?

To become Trinity investor is easy as pie: just click “Join” on our website and browser will redirect you to the launch of Telegram. Here you have to choose one of three options:
to log in if you already have an account on Telegram;
to download Telegram to your device;
to use the web version.
Registration in Telegram is carried out in one step. You just need to enter your phone number. By logging into your account in Telegram, you will see a window with our bot. You need to click Start and then follow the Trinity instructions.

How can I register in the Trinity system?

To register in Trinity, you need to install telegram.org or click “Connect” on the website. Indicate how much you want to invest and earn!

How many accounts can have a member?

Each member can create only one account in Trinity system. It is attached to the Telegram profile via number of your cell phone.

Can’t you guarantee gaining of stable profit, if bitcoin exchange rate is constantly changing in unpredictable manner?

The behaviour of any currency is not uniform and predictable.Take a look at any chart, and it will be pictured in form of a wave with ups and downs. But it is they that provide the opportunities for excellent earnings for an experienced trader! Recession always allows you to purchase the currency with the maximum benefit and growth allows selling it.
It is worth noting that earnings on the currency pair bitcoin/dollar are not the most profitable game. We are earning on other rates of crypto-currency to Bitcoin, including new and fast-growing one.

Why your names and contacts are kept confidential?

It is made solely for the safety of our investors.Our investors are decent and respectable people, but we cannot vouch for the origin of their funds. That is why we would not like even accidentally become a connecting link, which will lead to our investors.

What country are you from?

Our team consists of 5 people from 3 different countries. But this is not essential for conducting our business and good performance of our obligations. Our location does not affect the work.

What guarantees are provided for investors?

Like in any investment management service, the creators of the Trinity resource do not give and cannot give a 100% guarantee the safety of investor funds. Any investment involves certain risks. We offer a level of income which is in several times higher than in bank. By the way, even the bank institutions with their agreements and small interests make no warranties. And if the bank burst, all depositors are left at a loose end. The best advice that can be given to investors in order to best protect your money - do not keep all your funds in one investment, and, of course, do not invest borrowed money. We are not engaged in fraud, and do not plan to disappear. Our traders have developed calm and balanced attitude toward money working for a long period. Our key goal of entering the market is to take to the next level of the business.

Why should I invest in Trinity, if I can gamble on stock exchange by myself?

If you can, than gamble!:) Trinity offers you gain passive income. Gambling on stock exchange by yourself, you are wasting your time, energy and nerves, and as known they are priceless. In addition, the profitability of your activities will depend directly on the level of your professional competence. If you are a professional trader, nothing will prevent you to trade on the crypto-currency market by your own and gain profit from the funds transferred in our investment management, and thereby diversify risks!

Do you engage in investment activity?

We are planning to open our own large crypto stock exchange. Currently we are redirecting a significant portion of our profits for this project.

Do you work officially through a legal entity? Do you have a license to conduct such activities and do you pay tax?

"TRINITY3ME LTD" - This is an officially registered company. The main office of the company is located at 147, Sternhold Avenue, Brixton, London, SW2 4PF, UNITED KINGDOM Registration number of the company "TRINITY3ME LTD": 10458219 You can check the authenticity of registration documents by clicking on the link (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10458219) Date of registration and beginning of official work of the company "TRINITY3ME LTD": 02.11.2016.

Why deposit is frozen?

Such interest, which we offer our investors,cannot be obtained using only the short-term exchange strategies. The medium-term strategies should be applied as they are the main source of income.Keep in mind that all offers like “50% in three days” is just a scam. It is absolutely impossible to earn such interest in three days!

Will I receive payment notification on my e-mail?

In order to provide maximum confidentiality of our investors, we do not send any notifications. We do not ask and do not store e-mail addresses of our clients.

I did not receive the next payment. Have you deceived me?

Do not get nervous! All payments are automatic in Trinity system. But no system can work without failures. You should keep in mind that all operations are carried out at GMT. If you do not receive money, send us an e-mail. And we will reply you shortly and resolve the situation.
Most importantly, you do not need to get nervous and anxious. All questions are solvable! Let’s be friends, and Trinity will help us in this!

What methods do you use to protect personal data?

Today Telegram is the most safe and secure instant messenger designed based on MTProto protocol. Two types of encryption help to protect and secure your data: 256-bit AES symmetric, 2048 RSA and Diffie-Hellman key exchange protection. This protection allows our system to remain more secure of any other investment instrument on the market.

Are you liable for the safety of investor funds?

The investor exclusively bears the liability for safety of investor funds, replenishments, transfers, payments and withdrawals. Each user must follow all the security items of Telegram.org platform because the entire database as well as the user’s actions is based on this instrument. User is obliged to closely monitor the activity of his/her Telegram profile and confidential data used to access e-wallet for withdrawal and deposit of funds. The liability of the system itself and the creators of Trinity bears advisory manner only, and is limited only by provision of transparent information about business processes (investment management, marketing, payments, partner program), as well as clear and accessible statement of all safety requirements.


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Investments in Trinity

What payment systems can I use to withdraw my earned money?

Especially for you we have selected only the most reliable payment systems, which are used by most professional traders and investors. You can deposit and withdraw funds by using one of the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Advcash. They are all integrated in Telegram, so the use is simple and convenient.

How do I withdraw money if I do not have an e-wallet in any payment system?

Opening of a wallet will take just a few minutes.
You can create a wallet in one of the following payment systems:
payeer.com (works directly with VISA and MasterCard)
Then by selecting one of the exchange services on bestchange.ru (online service for monitoring the most favourable exchange rates) and exchange money. Now you are ready to invest!

In what currency can I open a deposit?

All deposits are open and make a profit in dollars. In order to exchange your currency into dollars, use one of the exchange services provided by bestchange.ru (online service for monitoring the most favourable exchange rates).

What is the minimum amount of investment?

The minimum investment amount is $10.

How much will I earn?

You get 3.33% per day from the amount of your investment. Thus, you get into the break-even point after 30 days and continue to earn infinitely! An interest is unlimited: Trinity is always with you!

When will I receive dividends?

Interest on your contribution will be credited you on a daily basis. Then you can go to Trinity bot and withdraw profit to your wallets.
Regulations for withdrawal of funds: from 1 minute to 24 hours. The speed of the application depends on the time of day, the workload of operators and the number of current trade transactions.

Earned funds did not arrive on my wallet. What shall I do in this case?

We are constantly working to minimize such situations. And in practice it happens rarely. But if some sort of mistake took place - technical failure or you incorrectly indicated your wallet - just contact our support team in Telegram, and our staff will quickly resolve your problem and answer any your questions.

What payment system is used to withdraw funds?

Profit is credited to your account in the system. Then you can choose on what wallet to withdraw money.

How many deposits can I open?

There are no limits on the amount of deposits in our platform. You can make them as many times as desired, at any time.

Can I return my deposit?

No. No deposit will be refundable under any circumstances, because all of our payments are infinite. You will receive income indefinitely. Trinity will help in difficult times!

Do you have partner program? Will I get reward for the invited member?

Of course. Referral reward system is designed for active members:
9.33 % — of the deposited amount of each referral level 1
3.33 % — of the deposited amount of each referral level 2
2.33 % — of the deposited amount of each referral level 3
1.33 % — of the deposited amount of each referral level 4
0.33% — of the deposited amount of each referral level 5